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:iconhydra-angels: :iconspectre-society:


A New Icon!
I tried out a color pallete thingy on tumblr and it turned out nice so now its my icon. Yay
Charoite App (redesign)
Hey hey! I'm not dead surprisingly... but I probably should have had this done months ago but school started to kick my ass, so its here now!

Gem: Charoite
Gem Location: Throat
Nickname: Shadow (very rarely)
Height: 6'2 or 188 cm
Pronouns: He/Him

Rank: Artisan (similar to a court jester or story teller)
Weapon: Retractable Bo Staff
Abilities: Shadow Manipulation

Origin: Was a homeworld gem who served Blue Diamond made on a colony called Fracti - 19B 
History: He was a noble on Homeworld supervising a project on a colony. He was distracted and made an error which resulted in a ship power core being mishandled. The core exploded and shattered multiple gems and heavily damaged several ships. Blue was furious, and chose to punish him. He was supposed to be shattered, but a gem destabilizer malfunctioned and permanently scarred his physical form. He used his shadow as a decoy and escaped in a pod. After traveling alone in space for 2 years he found the Specter Society. The Madame took him in and he's lived there ever since.
Personality: He's very quiet and shy. Not liking to open up, he comes off as mysterious and difficult. When in reality, he's a big nerd. He's actually quite affectionate and sweet. He gets nervous easily and likes to hide in the shadows (hence the nickname). Over time, he's gotten very good at this hiding and seemingly comes out of nowhere. Once he builds up enough trust, he's talkative and kinda funny.

Fun - 
Theme song: Guillotine - Jon Bellion
Synchronized Dance Style: Swing Dance
Trivia: TBD
Headcanons: - Can not remember the last time he brushed his hair like god sakes man
- He is usually disheveled, but cleans up for his performances 
- Likes to wander around and plan his next story or performance
- When not aimlessly walking around, he's practicing
- Very flexible and strong, it helps with the gymnastic portions of his shows
- REALLY good at street magic
Hey hey you lovely people who for some reason like my art! If you want to see more of my content that I don't post here, head on over to my Tumblr! I don't post as often as I'd like, but I do when I'm able! I also reblog lots of good ol memes and other art things from amazing artists!
Here's the link, hope to see y'all there!
Sunset Sapphire Application/ Hydra-ANGELS
Yay she's done! It took me way too long to try to find a design I liked. In her picture she's holding her bangs back, it kinda looks like she's saluting but eh.

Name: Sunset Sapphire

Aliases: Sunny, Sapphy, S.S., Sunset

Rank: Technician

Alignment: Rebel

Pronouns: She/ Her

Gem Type: Corundum

Gem Location and Cut: In-between shoulder blades, circle cut
Height: Canon Sapphire height (probably around 4 feet)

Weapon: Throwing spear

Personality: A spunky energetic gem who tries to see the best in every one. Sunset likes to make conversation and enjoys talking. Though she doesn't act like it, Sunset is a information hog. She loves to learn, read, and explore as much as she can. Although she's a party animal, she enjoys her alone time. She has very deep concentration and pushes herself to be the best she can. She doesn't enjoy using her future vision for anything outside her job. Sunset would rather go where life leads her, but if she would need to use her vision she will. 

Abilities: Future Vision, Normal gem capabilities

Theme Song: Thunder - Imagine Dragons (…)

Voice : Bex Taylor-Klaus (…)

Other: Uses her future sight to help prevent things from breaking or, in a worst case scenario, exploding. Spends a lot of her free time in the library


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I'm currently still in school and will most likely post a variety of things from digital art to photography.


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